NKS3CS5 – Now available for download

Jul 22

I’ve migrated the existing NKS3 panel into CS5 format for use until development of NKS4 is complete.

Installation files are here:
NKS3CS5_Install.zip (right-click, save link as..)

If you’ve got the CS4 version, simply load those presets into Photoshop CS5 and grab the updated .zxp file here:
NKS3CS5.zxp (right-click, save link as..)

If you have no idea what NKS3 is read this.

NKS4 Feature Requests – Open Now

Jul 02

With the introduction of Photoshop CS5 and the new version of Configurator, NKS3 is beginning to fossilize. ???????So for the last few weeks I’ve been working on NKS4. Feature enhancements include new document types Sticky Note, and Graph Paper, along with a proper GUI, built in Flash – with gentle roll-overs and tool tips. The new GUI will allow for a smaller palette footprint, and in general, be much less of an eye-sore than NKS3. There are some new tools being built for this release too, but it’s still quite reminiscent of NKS3.

Sadly, Installation will still be manual. The NKS palettes rely almost entirely on a custom set of user presets (tools, actions, brushes, gradients, patterns, etc.). Adobe requires that these each be added manually to prevent rogue brushes from making international collect calls with your credit card. So in that regard, I see no way to avoid it. However, all assets will be local this time around. No more dynamic GUI loading – which will be great for those looking to work offline.

Since NKS3 was released there’s been nearly a thousand downloads. Seems only fair to start a public feature request thread for the next version. So if there’s a specific tool, or function that you’d love to have added drop me a line or add a comment to this post. Any requests I’m unable to accommodate I’ll make mention of in the comments, and try to address the rationale.

NKS4 is a third-party tool palette being developed for Adobe Photoshop CS5 on Macintosh and Windows operating systems. NKS3 will continue to be available for CS4 users.

Jean Britain / Overdose / Soleiyu’s Descent

Jul 02

A few new tracks here. Jean Britain and Overdose are from an ongoing conversation project started with long-time friend Ben Morrow. The last track, Soleiyu’s Descent, is an ode to Konami’s essential Castlevania game franchise.